Almost every single year, people say that SEO is dead. Now, if you believe this hoax in 2021, we’re here to tell you its fake news! SEO is still very much alive and thriving, and is just evolving to new circumstances.

With the introduction of new technology like AI, video search, social media, and more, people think SEO is ready to go six feet under. But we assure you, there’s no way that’s happening anytime soon. Even though this “better” and more advanced technology claims to overtake the industry, SEO has far too much history to just let go so easily. So, in short, no. SEO is not dead. If you want to know more about how alive and thriving SEO is, read on.

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Now that you know we’re here for you, read on to learn more about SEO!

Are Local SEO Services in London Still Relevant in 2021?

 Yes, of course they are! If anything, they’re extra relevant because of the pandemic. The pandemic pretty much forced multiple companies to rely on their websites to keep up sales. This saw a rise in search queries for “SEO Agency near me Amersham” and more related words.

If you take a look at Google Trends and type in SEO-related search words, you’ll see a marked rise over time in the chart. That is clear empirical evidence that shows that SEO is still very much thriving in today’s climate.

 SEO is the perfect way for companies to take their business online and thrive, and with an effective SEO strategy their sales can skyrocket! Of course, not all SEO tactics that were effective in the past will work well today. SEO, like pretty much everything else, is evolving to match its age. SEO is in a constant state of reinvention; matching use intent better and getting rid of spammy and inefficient tactics.

Why SEO Is Still Alive and Breathing

As is the case with so many other industries, there are lots of misconceptions about SEO. A lot of times, businesses have been duped by ineffective SEO services in London and other places. Many companies have fallen victim to outreach emails that promise the highest ranking at seriously ridiculous prices. Companies like this are immediately put off SEO and end up spreading the word that SEO is ineffective / a waste of money.

But here’s the difference. A good SEO agency in London will be able to come up with a well-structured SEO strategy that is results-based and cost-effective. Hint, hint, Explosion Digital is one of those agencies! And, we believe in transparency, so you’ll be in the know throughout the process, and you’ll be able to see concrete reports as proof of action too. So, SEO is very much alive and breathing, but there are lots of ineffective options out there that make people think otherwise.

If you’re looking to see the effective action of SEO, always opt for reliable local SEO services in London, or your area of preference.

If you’d like to know more about just why SEO is not dead, read on.

SEO helps you understand you’re Audience Better

 SEO isn’t meant to be seen as fund-competition for PPC and Marketing spend. It is actually a complementary service that supports other digital marketing services and helps your website rise to the top!

A lot of research goes into SEO, and most of it is user-intended. Each simple keyword is analysed and mapped so as to help your brand understand its audience and their online activity better. Whether it’s navigational, informational, or transactional. SEO integrates much needed keywords to target your audience and help them find your landing page better. This also helps your business rank higher due to Google Ads’ quality score.

Authenticity and Authority

 Though PPC and social media sponsorships are amazing tools for boosting brand awareness, there’s nothing like organic content. Organic content makes you look more authentic and gives your company the authority it needs to stand out in the crowd. SEO content is aimed at your audience as well as Google, so you get the best of both worlds. Since PPC and sponsorships are very commercial in nature, they don’t have the organic effect that SEO does.

Since SEO content is targeted at not just Google but your audience as well, it speaks the language that your viewers do and doesn’t come off as sponsored or intrusive. This makes it easier for your brand to gain the trust of its audience better, while being more organic in nature.

Good SEO = Good User Experience

If you’re adopting an SEO strategy, you’ll want it to be effective. The key components to make your strategy effective are good content, better understanding of users, and a positive effect on brand awareness.

Apart from these, the most striking feature of SEO is the fact that it tends to improve user experience as well. In 2021, your website is more or less like online real estate, and so it needs to look and feel as good as a physical store. This makes your brand look more professional, and caters to the new technological age of buying and selling.

Now that Google has introduced their new page experience update as a ranking feature, SEO is more or less a major factor that determines your business’s online success!

SEO Just Keeps Evolving!

SEO focuses on constant improvement. All websites can be seen as untapped opportunities, since there’s no such thing as a perfect one (until you get a digital marketing agency on board, of course!).

When you put a major focus on SEO, you’re making the most of your brand’s online potential through its website. Being SEO-oriented means that you’re going with the natural flow of evolution and catering to today’s new technological efforts.

A well-rounded SEO strategy has never been more important than it is in 2021.

Will SEO Ever End?

Well, that depends, really. Will giving users a great user experience, and well written content ever die? The answer is no. SEO will most likely stand strong and prove all its doubters wrong once again, as it has done multiple times in the past.

SEO will keep evolving to match the new age’s needs. SEO will always be required, as search engines won’t ever reach a stage of development where SEO is no longer needed.

So, if you’re concerned about your business’s online success, you should go in for a well-structured SEO strategy since SEO is here to stay!


If you want to Explode into the digital world, consider hiring Explosion Digital. We’re a friendly neighborhood SEO agency in London, and we can help you with all your digital marketing needs!

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