Any business owner knows the stress of getting enough traffic to their websites. Without enough traffic, it’s hard to stay afloat and be profitable. If you think you’re in this situation, PPC is a great way to uplift your website’s traffic.
You can always try out PPC advertising on your own, but if unsuccessful, it can lead to you wasting a lot of money without seeing results (i.e. sales). This is why it’s always best to get a PPC agency in Amersham/London to help you out. In fact, most marketing agencies in London handle PPC campaigns as well. For example, us here at Explosion Digital!
If you’re curious about what PPC is, and how an agency can help you, read this blog. We’ll give you insight into the world of PPC campaigns

What is PPC?

Pay Per Click is an abbreviation for Pay Per Click. It is a method of advertising in which the advertiser enters an auction system in which the highest bidders have their ads appear on a specific platform.
Only when their advertisement is clicked does the advertiser pay. For example, the first two results in the example below are paid results. This is due to the fact that the first two listings mention ‘Ad’ on the left-hand side, while the third listing does not.
Ads are strategically placed on various websites with Online Pay Per Click marketing, depending on the advertising platform used and the campaign being created.
Ads, for example, can appear in the search results of Google and Bing in the form of text ads and Shopping ads with images. They can also be seen as image ads on third-party websites and in social media feeds.

How Much Does a Click Cost?

So you now understand what PPC is and how it works. If you’re thinking about using PPC marketing, you’re probably wondering how much a click costs.
It is difficult to provide an exact cost per click (CPC) figure. It depends on how high you want to appear on the page and the specific niche you’re in.
For example, if you sell wheelie bins, your average click price is likely to be between £0.30 and £1. If you’re looking for leads for accident claims, your CPCs should be between £50 and £100.
Advertisers can use the Google Keyword Planner tool to get an idea of the CPCs to expect in their niche.
The Google Keyword Planner tool can provide PPC marketers with information such as the amount of search volume for their chosen keywords, related keywords they may not have considered, and how competitive the keyword is.
It can also show PPC marketers what an aggressive and non-aggressive bid for their chosen keyword would look like.

Hiring A PPC Agency in London/Amersham

PPC marketing can be an excellent supplement to your current online marketing strategy. PPC advertising on Google Ads can be set up quickly and easily.
However, setting it up properly so that you can get a profitable return on your investment can be difficult. Google Ads provides PPC marketers with a plethora of targeting options.
Advertisers on Google Ads can target people based on their search term, device, location, audience type, gender, and age group, to name a few factors. It’s also critical to get the ad copy and landing page just right. As a result, many companies choose to outsource their PPC marketing efforts to a PPC agency.
If you choose to outsource your PPC marketing, there are two ways you can go about it: you can either hire a freelance PPC consultant, or a PPC agency in London/Amersham. You can also hire a marketing agency in London, as they usually offer PPC services as well. Here, we will be focusing on how an agency can help you.

How A PPC Agency in Amersham/London Can Help

To sum up, here are a few of the many ways a marketing agency in London can help you:
– They can optimise your PPC account to be more in line with your goals and business.
– Since PPC agencies in Amersham/London are specialists in PPC, they can manage your budget to reap the most benefits for a lower cost.
– This goes without saying, but a marketing agency in London has all the knowledge and experience required to run a successful PPC campaign. This makes them experts at what they do, and they can give you the best advice needed.
– PPC agencies will always send you in-depth reports of your PPC account. This helps them track real-life data and exponentially improve your campaigns as time progresses. This also acts as proof of how they’re improving your overall standing.


Now that you know more about what PPC is, how much it costs on average, and how a marketing agency in London can help… Why not try Explosion Digital for all your PPC and digital marketing needs? Contact us today so we can help you Explode into the Digital World!

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