In today’s world, you’d be extremely out of place if you didn’t have some form of online connection. This holds especially true for business in 2022. If you really want to grow your business, online marketing can help you greatly. One important aspect of growing your business online is improving your ranking on SERPs (search engine results pages). This increases your visibility and the likeliness of someone clicking onto your website to avail your products or services.
A huge aspect when it comes to SERP ranking is SEO. Local SEO services in London can be of big help when it comes to making yourself known as a business. As a digital marketing agency, we at Explosion Digital understand all the nuances that come with digital marketing. And we’re here to teach you the same. So, we’ve put together this blog to help you understand how our local SEO services in London can help you. Read on to learn more.(Improve Your Ranking)

What Is SEO?

Before we get started, it’s important to truly understand SEO and the role it plays in digital marketing. SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. An easier way to understand just what SEO is is by breaking down its two main components:

– Search Engine: I’m sure you already know what a search engine is, but if you’re unfamiliar, that’s okay! A search engine, simply put, is a website like Google, Yahoo, or Bing. People (including you) go on these websites and search for words like “seo services near me Amersham” or “how to boil an egg” to get millions of results in just a few seconds.

– Optimization: By definition, optimization means to more or less make something as perfect and effective as possible.

So, Search Engine Optimization is basically how you optimize your writing to be read by Google. Remember how we said that you get a million results in just a few seconds? SEO is what helps your company stay on top of the rest of the results to give you a better advantage by making sure people see your website first. SEO is what prevents your website from being buried in the deep depths of Google’s 2nd results page, because nobody really goes through anything but the first page. SEO is essentially what keeps your company relevant on Google.

How SEO Works Its Magic

In order to stay on top of Google’s vast ocean of search results, local SEO services in London use keywords to make your website show up higher on the results list. Though SEO works on all search engines, we’ll use “Google” as a reference since it’s the most popular search engine so far, with over 60% of worldwide searches conducted on it.
So, Google has this super state-of-the-art algorithm, which basically decides what results show up when you google certain words. This is so that you get proper results and don’t have to keep googling things over and over again to find what you’re looking for.
The key is in the keywords. The keywords you use can help you beat the algorithm and have your website show up on top of lists since your work is SEO optimized, based on the most searched keywords in your particular field.
For example, say you have a company that offers natural health remedies and coaching classes, you’ll want to use popular keywords like “coaching for wellbeing” or “natural remedies”. Of course, it’s not as simple as that. There’s extensive research that goes into SEO and what keywords to use, which is why it’s 100% best for you to hire an SEO agency to take care of all your optimizing needs.

The Wide Scope Of SEO

Making your content SEO-friendly can drastically improve your website’s ranking on search engine results pages. Here’s why SEO is so important:

– It Helps You Understand Your Target Audience:

A lot of research goes into SEO, and most of it is user-intended. Each simple keyword is analysed and mapped so as to help your brand understand its audience and their online activity better. Whether it’s navigational, informational, or transactional. SEO integrates much-needed keywords to target your audience and help them find your landing page better. This also helps your business rank higher due to Google Ads’ quality score.

– It Makes For Better User Experience:

One of the most striking features of SEO is the fact that it tends to improve user experience. In 2022, your website is more or less like online real estate, and so it needs to look and feel as good as a physical store. This makes your brand look more professional, and caters to the new technological age of buying and selling.
Now that Google has introduced their page experience update as a ranking feature, SEO is more or less a major factor that determines your business’s online success!

– It Gives You A Stance Of Authority And Makes Your Content More Authentic:

Though PPC and social media sponsorships are amazing tools for boosting brand awareness, there’s nothing like organic content. Organic content makes you look more authentic and gives your company the authority it needs to stand out in the crowd. SEO content is aimed at your audience as well as Google, so you get the best of both worlds. Since PPC and sponsorships are very commercial in nature, they don’t have the organic effect that SEO does.
SEO content speaks the language that your viewers do and it doesn’t come off as sponsored or intrusive. This makes it easier for your brand to gain the trust of its audience better while being more organic in nature.

Why Choose Us?

Now that you’re aware of the importance of SEO and how it can drastically improve your online growth… Here’s why Explosion Digital is your best bet for local SEO services in London.
SEO takes expertise. You can’t formulate and conduct a good SEO strategy without having extensive knowledge of the field, the right keyword research, and much more. This is awfully time-consuming, and we understand how it may not be a priority for you as a business owner. Your main focus is meant to be on your business itself, and digital marketing is something that takes a lot of time, experience, and money when you go about it yourself. When you hire Explosion Digital, you get an all-in-one digital marketing service that can handle all your needs at once.
We have teams specifically for each aspect of digital marketing, so there are people dedicated to every aspect of your marketing campaigns no matter what. We have to knowledge and experience to help you grow your business drastically over time. Since we’re a result-based agency, we make sure you’re always in the loop with monthly reports showing your online progress.
So, if you’re interested in local SEO services in London, and much more, contact us. We’ll help you Explode into the Digital World.

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