5 Best Ways To Improve Your Online Content

If you’ve been on the internet long enough, you already know that content is an extremely important aspect of one’s online presence. And that’s a fact that isn’t going to change anytime soon. We live in an extremely digitally-oriented world, and business owners have to keep up or they’ll get lost on customers. Creating dynamic content is a large part of staying relevant in your field.

So, if you’ve been thinking about amping up your online content, this blog will help you out. Here are 5 of the best ways to improve your online content.

  1. Create Content That Can Be Shared Organically

    Your content should provide value to the people that view it, regardless of your business goals and what you want to achieve. If you create content that only benefits you and not your audience, they’ll see right through it, and you’ll lose your chances of gaining their trust. Try to put self-promotions on hold and focus on catering to your website visitors instead. Answer the potential questions they may have, and address things from their point of view as well.
    When you create content that’s relevant and catered to your audience, they’re more likely to share it with their circles too. Try creating content that offers solutions to issues in an engaging manner. You can even research top-shared social media topics to help give you a clearer idea of the content you should be creating.
    Keep your main focus on popular topics in your field that are relatable to your audience. When you write about topics in your field that are popular, you not only gain more relevance but also gain your audience’s trust, making them more likely to share your content organically.

  2. Content That Educates Flourishes

    More often than not, content tends to flourish with the masses when it is of use and has relevance to it. When people search for answers online, they want to find informative content that gives them a clear view or resolution to their issue. People love to learn new things as well, so content that teaches is more likely to be passed on more. If you want to draw more website traffic and grow your business, try to create content that actually delivers on it promises. A great way to go about this is by researching high-ranking articles in your particular field. You can then reverse-engineer your own content to fix and even make it better than what is already out there and popular.
    A big part of trust and relevance is making sure your content actually lives up to its promise. So, try not to use clickbait headlines that don’t actually deliver what they promise. Instead, choose to educate your audience as your marketing plan. People are more likely to use helpful content as a reference and share it with their friends.

  3. Make Use of High-Ranking Content Components

    The length of your copy also plays a huge role in the visibility of your content. If you want to rank well on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), keep a close focus on the word count of your content. Based on recent research, content that goes up to 2,500 words tends to rank higher on SERPs. The length of the content isn’t the most important aspect, as the content itself should matter. There’s no point in writing 2,500 words that have no clear meaning to them. People like to read content that is easy to consume and packed with good amounts of information that they seek.
    So, lengthy content isn’t the goal– its value is what matters. People are more engaged by sentences that have 20 words or less. Your piece should be structured with the goal of high-impact content being placed first. This way, people will read what’s important from the get-go and be hooked enough to continue reading the content. Make sure your content doesn’t draw on but has the right amount of useful detail. People should also be able to navigate through your content with ease, keeping them engaged and wanting to learn more. This way, you can increase your time-on-site metrics as well, which could have a positive impact on your conversion rate.

  4. Gain Third-Party Validation through Guest Posting

    In order to truly tap into the potential of content creation, you shouldn’t just limit yourself to your company’s website. If you already create valuable content on your website, it seems only natural to distribute this knowledge through other channels. By posting your content via other trustworthy media platforms, you can attract a larger audience, while also gaining their trust through high-quality information.
    Symbiosis is the essence of life, and this reflects in the business world too. Try to reach out to other relevant websites in your field and build a symbiotic relationship with them. When you partner with high-ranking websites, it adds more credibility to your content. This also makes people trust your content better, which will inevitably get you more views, and therefore a higher ranking. It’s easy to trust your own content, but other people may be apprehensive to do so. This is why a seal of approval from a trusted source can help immensely.
    Try to study other websites’ content submission guidelines to find one that is in line with your vision, and work from there.

  5. Increase Your Reach by Recycling Existing Content

    Spending hours on research, writing, and editing to make the best blog post isn’t the only step. Strategy is an important aspect of content creation.
    Many prominent creators swear by “content arbitrage”. This method involves creating content once and then modifying it for every platform and format possible. To increase your impact, you should repurpose your content for other platforms. After you’ve got your initial copy, you can further use it to make lists, videos, podcasts, social media posts, and much more.
    Different people consume content in different ways. Some people prefer videos over text, while some people may like to listen to podcasts instead of reading an article. Keeping this in mind, you can cater your content to a larger group of people based on medium alone. When you give your audience a choice in the way they get to consume your content, they’re more likely to trust your authority. This can increase your reach significantly. You should try to segment your content in an exciting and engaging way. For example, using graphs, photographs, or lists to explain a segment of a blog post. Visual elements can make your content more rememberable as well.
    Take advantage of all content components, including video and social media captions, to improve page rank by providing links whenever possible. Promote your content through your readers’ channels, and have them use it as a resource when doing business.

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Content Strategy Is a Key Factor in Your Business Strategy

Your content strategy plays a big role in your overall business strategy. They must work hand in hand and be in line with each other. Try to use this blog as a guide to improve your content strategy, and maintain a stable content plan in order to stay consistent. A great way to go about content planning is by using an editorial calendar. This will help guide you on when to upload what kind of content, to stay in line with promotions and product launches. This will help you maximise your positive business outcomes.

Sticking to this calendar and handling all the content on your own can be difficult. Ideally, you’ll want to focus on your major business goals rather than spending time on content and other digital marketing strategies. So, why not use a helping hand? Explosion Digital can help you with content catered to your audience, and much more. Contact us and we can help you Explode into the Digital World.

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