Imagine if you were only given a total of 15 minutes to consume content online. Research shows that if this were the case, 66% of the population would want to see something designed well, instead of something simple and boring.

This is precisely why website design plays a key role in your online marketing presence. In order to design a brilliant website for your business, you first need to know the importance of website design in London.

As a web design company in Amersham, we know the ins and outs of the wordpress web design game in London. It’s important to us that our audience understands the key roles web design plays, so they know how web design companies in Amersham can help.

This article will tell you a few of the main reasons your website’s design matters when it comes to the growth of your business. Keep reading to learn more!

Why Website Design In London Is So Important

If you’re looking into redesigning and redeveloping your business’s website, you may benefit from a web design company in Amersham. We know just why your website is so important for your business, and implement strategies based on these roles. If you’re interested in understanding how website design in London impacts your audience and your business as a whole, here are 5 reasons why it’s so important:

  1. “The First Impression Is the Last Impression”:You must’ve heard that age-old saying, “the first impression is the last impression”. There is a lot of truth to that saying, in all fields of life, especially the online world. When someone opens up your website, the contents give them their very first impression of your business as a whole. It only takes a few seconds to judge your entire business, so you’ll want the reaction to be positive.If your website is old, and looks like it is, this will bring an instant negative response from your audience. Old may be gold, but in the online world, it’s just unappealing. This will prevent them from returning to your page again, or sharing it with more people. This is how you lose leads, and end up driving traffic to your competitors’ websites instead.Website design plays an integral role in impacting your audience’s perception of your brand. The first impression they get motivates them to either stay on your page and learn more, or leave it and visit a competitor’s page instead. When done well, web design can help keep leads on page.
  2. It Helps Your SEO Strategy FlourishThe design of your website often influences the way you publish content, which then affects the way research engine spiders crawl and index your website. You simply cannot mess this up. If your SEO is not up to the mark, your battle for visibility will be an uphill one from the very get-go.Besides this, web design has certain elements that directly affect SEO. There are lots of reasons web design can be confusing, especially when you aren’t sure how it works. In simple words, even your basal code has to be SEO-friendly.The best way to make sure you don’t cut back on your website is by hiring a web design company in Amersham. We know exactly how to manipulate your website’s design to increase your visibility and sales.
  3. It Sets The Bar For Customer ServiceAs we said earlier, the first impression is the last impression. People tend to judge every aspect of your business through your website, including your customer service. Your website’s look gives them intel on the way you view your audience, and therefore the way you will treat them. If your website’s design is lack-luster and looks like no effort was put into it, your audience will immediately assume that you’ll treat them the same.Your website acts as an online customer service representative, and gives a face to the faceless online. If the design of your page is modern, bright, and inviting, this will make your audience feel welcome. It’ll leave a good impression on them and make them see you as welcoming and open to newcomers on your website.On the other end of the spectrum, an old and boring looking website will make you look aloof and cold. Impressions are lasting, and nobody wants to look into a business that doesn’t care about it’s audience enough for a good first impression.Your website is the online face of your business. Everyone wants a friendly face greeting them when they go to physical businesses, so why should the online experience be any different? Having a modern, updated, and appealing web design is pretty much the same as having a friendly face greet people at your location.4.  It Helps Your Audience Trust You MoreBe honest, how many times have you seen a poorly designed website yourself and immediately clicked away? It’s common knowledge that people can’t trust poorly designed websites. If your website is full of outdated information and looks like it’s from the age of old, people just won’t trust it. In fact, poor web design can also lead to people viewing your business and shady, seedy, and scammy.

    Imagine that you’re a person placing a bulk order on a website. A lot of money will go into your order, so you’ll want to know that the website is trust-worthy and not a sham. If the website doesn’t have a trustworthy look to it, you’d probably find another website, wouldn’t you?

    But, if the website looked professional, you’d trust it instead. This will make you trust them enough to check out the order and continue using their services.
    The very same applies to your website as well! It’s absolutely integral to build your audience’s trust so they don’t click away from your website and go to a competitor instead. When people stay on your page, you get more lead-capturing opportunities as well.

    5. Keep An Eye On Your Competition..

    If the reasons so far aren’t enough, here’s a big reason web design is so important – your competition is already using it to gain more leads. If you want to stay on par and even rise above them, you need to utilize web design to your advantage.
    Website design can help your business stand out against its competitors. An out-dated, low-quality, old website will just ensure that your competitors have the upper hand and higher rankings. A well-designed website will always do better than a poorly designed one.
    So, if you’re not up to date with your website’s design, you run the risk of losing leads to competitors. Good web design is like light to flies when it comes to leads.
    Your business’s website holds the power to set you apart from the rest, so you’ll want to make sure it’s nothing but the best. You can do this by hiring a professional web design company in Amersham.

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Now that you know 5 main reasons website design in London is so important, you’ll want to cater to your website immediately. Why worry about it yourself, when you can rely on professionals to help you.

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