A website is worthless if there are no visitors. There are a number of potential causes for why no one is visiting your website. As a digital marketing agency near London, we’re well-versed in the world of e-commerce website design and SEO. That’s why we’ve put together this article to explain to you the key reasons your e-commerce website may not be attracting enough traffic

Even if your website is excellent, it won’t bring you website traffic if search engines and potential customers can’t find it. Because of this, it’s crucial to make sure your website is listed on as many of the main search engines as you can and has a few pages with unique content that focus on particular keywords.

A website’s primary goal is to increase website traffic. Traffic is necessary and can be obtained organically or through paid means. GEO-targeted traffic is another thing you may obtain from websites like SERP Empire.

Here are a few of the main reasons your website may not be generating traffic:

1. Your Website Isn’t Designed Well:

Even though you have no control over the computers or internet connections used by your site’s visitors, website speed is still a crucial consideration if you want more people to visit it. If your website loads slowly, visitors simply leave. Try loading some material behind “speed-loaders” and include lots of white space, such as margins, padding, and line breaks, as you only have a short amount of time to make visitors fall in love with your website.

Your website’s bounce rate will be high if the design is subpar. On the other side, if your website is well-designed, you can convert website visitors into potential customers.

2. You Aren’t Using The Right Website Language:

When your website employs a language that is inappropriate for your intended audience, people will not visit your site or browse it. For instance, if your website is only available in English but you’re trying to reach a Spanish-speaking audience, you’re going to lose out on a sizable portion of visitors who might have felt more comfortable visiting it if it were written in their language. However, this does not imply that you must translate each page verbatim into a different website language; instead, be inventive or enlist the assistance of a native speaker.

3. The Website Isn’t Mobile-Friendly:

If your website looks and functions badly on a mobile device, both search engines and potential website visitors will mark it down. Search engines increasingly rank websites based on their compatibility with mobile devices. Try pasting this code into the URL bar of your website: “m,” if you’re unsure of how well or poorly your website works on mobile devices. This will allow you to check how your website appears as well as which platforms display it the best (m for mobile devices, w for desktop browsers or b for both desktop and mobile browsers).

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4. You Haven’t Utilised Enough Strong Backlinks/Your Backlinks Are Broken:

Search engines view backlinks as endorsements since they represent votes of confidence from other website owners. Therefore, concentrate on increasing website traffic through pertinent website links if you want your website to show up at the top of page one for a particular website term. By participating in online forums or blogging on subjects related to your website specialty, you may start increasing the traffic to your website.

Even though your website may have many backlinks, redirecting links will just stop anyone from continuing their quest. No matter how many website visitors they bring to your site, broken backlinks are bad news. If you have participated in link exchanges (which is not recommended) get in touch with the webmasters involved and request that they update their links rather than removing them.

5. You Don’t Upload Enough Content:

If there is no original content on your website, even if it looks great and loads swiftly in all browsers, why would anyone bother visiting? Simply said, having more original content increases the likelihood that search engines will regard you favorably and direct more traffic to your website. You should try adding ‘hot-off-the-press’ content to your blog or creating helpful eBooks that website users may download as a way to increase website traffic. Think of other innovative ways to up your content game.

6. There’s Too Much Duplicate Content On Your Website:

Search engines will catch on if you copy and paste website content between website pages or forget to remove duplicate information, and they will start to overlook certain areas of your website. The outcome? Search traffic won’t come your way from search engines.

If you believe something has happened to your website, use Google’s “site:” command (for example, “site:www.examplewebsite.com”) to search through your web pages and see what you can find. By substituting more original material for the copied text, the issue should be easily resolved.

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7. You’re Using Too Many Banners:

Distracting website design may be a significant problem for website traffic because it will cause visitors to get sidetracked and click elsewhere if your website is covered in banners or advertisements. See how your website traffic changes if you completely remove the clumsy sidebars. You can also experiment with less intrusive website banners to determine what works best for you.

8. Slow Loading Speed:

How quickly your website loads has a significant impact on how long people stay on your page. People won’t wait around for a web page to load if it takes a lengthy time to load; instead, they will simply click away. Visitors are more inclined to stick around if they can see how quickly your website loads.

9. Poor User Journey/No Clear Goal or Focus:

Visitors won’t be able to find what they’re looking for on your website if it lacks a clear focus or goal, and they’ll simply click away. To avoid this killer of website traffic, compile a list of the items that visitors to your website often search for (such as “product reviews” or “website assistance”), give each one its own page, and make sure they are all simple to locate. Although it might seem obvious, this crucial website knowledge is frequently disregarded.

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10.You’re Placing Too Much Importance on High Competition Keywords:

Expect to come in second place if there is a lot of competition for the website phrase you are targeting from other websites (high search volume). Consider using keywords with less competition but still good potential for website visitors.

11. Add reviews on products based on latest Google SEO ranking Conclusion

We hope this article helped you understand the key reasons your e-commerce site isn’t generating traffic. Let us be your helping hand when it comes to SEO and e-commerce website design. Here at Explosion Digital, we take a bespoke approach to our clients’ digital marketing, and believe that your goals are our goals. Contact us to learn more about what we can do for you.

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