When you have a business, and you’re considering making it go online, there are many things that come into play. One of the most important ones is your website, so you know that website building plays a crucial role in your company’s online presence.

If you’re considering creating or even just updating a pre-existing website, there are many integral things to keep in mind. In fact, you might want to consider hiring a digital marketing agency in Amersham to help you with this, since the list of things you’ll need to do is quite long when it comes to wordpress website building in Amersham. There are many benefits that come with hiring a digital marketing agency in Amersham, to give you the best possible website your business can get. You end up saving on time, money, and effort, and you know your website is in good and capable hands; running smoothly and standing out against the competition.

If you’re thinking about going online and setting up a website for your business, ask yourself a few questions while deciding on whether you want to hire a digital marketing agency in Amersham.

  1. Do I Have Enough Time To Dedicate To A Website?

    Think of your company’s website as if it were a newborn child. Websites require a lot of attention and maintenance in order to get the best results. WordPress website building can take a lot of time, if done with care towards your business’s goals. The initial planning stage itself is very time consuming, as you’ll need to sit down and plan what you want to get out of your website and how you’re going to build towards that goal.
    You’ll have to decide on your brand, the purpose, and the number of pages. In this, comes the herculean task of deciding on what colours, languages, photos, anf fonts you’ll be using, as well as the functions of the website like whether it’ll be used for e-commerce, as a brochure to your company, or simply just to educate.
    You’ll even have to structure your website meticulously according to the number of pages and what you’re planning on portraying to potential customers; will your page have a product page and an about us page, and what will be on the home page? There are many things to consider while setting up a website.
    A website truly is like an infant, since it’s not a “set it and forget it” type of ordeal. You need all hands on deck and 24/7 management and support to ensure that your website continues to run smoothly. There’s no point having a website just for show, you’ll need for your website to be constantly updated in order for it to gain better traction and search engine visibility.
    That’s where we come in! A digital marketing agency in Amersham, like Explosion Digital, will be able to not only build your website from scratch, but also maintain and update it so your online presence doesn’t take a hit because you simply don’t have the time to dedicate to it. We offer 24/7 emergency repairs, ongoing updates and automatic alerts.
    With Explosion Digital, you’re offered the transparency that you won’t really get with anyone else; especially with DIY website customer support. We are truly there for you 24/7, and since we have a whole team working on your website, you know that the operation will run smoothly.
    We sit down with you and discuss your goals in depth and then we send you a report on how we can go about building your website for maximum efficiency and results. Since we are a results-based agency, we’ll also keep a close eye on your insights and give you monthly report updates so you know exactly what’s going on and you’re not left in the shadows.
    So, if you find that you want to build a website and maintain it, but you just don’t have the time, a digital marketing agency in Amersham is just right for you!

  2. What’s My Strategy?

    Apart from simply knowing what your website will look like, you definitely need an active strategy when it comes to your website. When you hire an agency for your wordpress website building in Amersham, they’ll be able to help you understand what your customer personas are, how you can keep up with (and surpass!) your competition, and what the best way to market your services or products is.We’ll be able to set up your website so it’s SEO-friendly, which basically makes sure that your website pops up front and center when a potential customer searches certain words on Google. We do this in order to get your business organically ranked for certain relevant keywords. This process requires both on-page and off-page effort, which requires a lot of dedication.We’ll be able to structure your website in such a way that people can understand its content better, and there will be a smoother flow to it. This makes your website run much smoother and increases your potential sales. Apart from this, we’ll also create content that is relevant to your website and your services, so your website can have the highest possible ranking on Google, bringing in more clicks and customers.
    When you choose to DIY your website with companies like Wix and Squarespace, your options are very limited, especially if you do it through the free trial versions. When you use these sites, you don’t have that much of an option when it comes to customization, so you’ll only be able to build your website based on very general templates. Apart from this, they don’t offer AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) support, which basically simplifies your website for a smoother mobile experience. They even run ads on your page, unless you pay for the premium versions. So, if you’re willing to pay for a website, you may as well pay the same price and have an entire team at your disposal.
    We’ll even be able to create ongoing campaigns while working on the building of your website, so your business can be propelled forward when it comes to online presence. We also optimize your landing page so that your potential clients and customers have a much smoother journey when availing your services and products.

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3. Do I Want My Website To Be Completely Customizable?

When building a website, it’s important to know just how custom you want it to look. Most website building softwares have a wide range of pre-selected templates to choose from, but often do not offer a completely customizable look. When you hire a digital marketing agency in Amersham, you are given the complete liberty to personalize your website as much as you want.
We have an entire team dedicated to just the build of your website, and we’ll have all hands on deck when it comes to designing your website. From formulating the right graphics, fonts, colours, and layouts, to completely setting you apart from your competition and solidifying your brand, our team will be able to do it all!
Our wordpress website building services in Amersham are top-notch and completely custom; so we cater to your very specific needs. We’ll be able to set up your website exactly how you want it, and also make it so that your customers have a smooth experience with it as well.
As a results-based agency, we know how to go about brand-building, which is something that goes hand in hand with website building. We know just how to impact your audience with things that are seemingly simple like colour, images, page orientation, and tone of voice. For example, if you’ve ever had a “professional” organization send you an email that was typed out in green text Comic Sans, chances are you didn’t really take their brand too seriously, right? We study consumer behaviour at the very basal level of simple text, and so we optimize your website to be as professional and client-oriented as possible.

4. What’s My Budget Like?

Chances are, all of the above will not matter to you if you don’t have the budget for it. At the end of the day, it all really does boil down to money. So, you probably think that a digital marketing agency in Amersham may be way out of your budget, right? You’d be surprised!Here are Explosion Digital, we don’t believe in not giving you your money’s worth. Since transparency is one of our key foundations, we make sure that you know exactly where your money is going with monthly reports. You’ll be able to see real-time changes in your online traction when you hire us, and we provide you with statistics of such.We believe that a digital marketing agency for your website building needs in Amersham is not a cost, but is more of an investment. Which is why, we have very reasonable prices for each of our bundles, and we make sure that whatever money you spend on our services, comes back to you in the form of sales and customers. In fact, with our services, your company will have a larger online presence and your sales will be boosted, So, it truly is an investment. You put in a little bit of money, and you get back so much more!

For more information on our services, and how you can go about reaping their benefits, visit our services page and see what plan suits you best!


At the end of the day, what you choose to do with your website is up to you. Now that you know the many benefits that come with hiring a digital marketing agency for your wordpress website building in Amersham, you may be considering hiring one.

That’s great! If you’re keen on it, consider Explosion Digital. We have a team of experts in various fields that can help boost and grow your online presence significantly. We’ll make it so that you explode into the digital world!

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