What is a Landing Page?

Put quite simply, a landing page is a web page that is shown to you depending on the search result you have entered online.

The must-haves for your landing page
It of course makes sense, when you are building a business, you want your potential customers and clients to have a positive impression of your company when they first encounter you. Having an effective high converting landing page is the 1st of your ‘must haves’ for your business.  First impressions do count and to go further, the 1st user experience is vital in whether you have high conversion rates and potential repeat visits/business to your site.

There are several things your site should have to cut through the noise and capture online traffic for your business.  Your ‘must have’ checklist should contain the following: –

  1. A main strong image and supporting imagery providing information about the company: Name, what you are selling, or the service you are providing.
  2. Have simple relevant information in easy-to-read text that can be read and understood at a glance
  3. Sell/promote the benefits of your product/service, which is more likely to have your visitors respond to your Call To Action (CTA)
  4. Have a clear CTA displayed on your landing page to convert visits into revenue.
  5. Include customer testimonials/results of using your service/business. It will help others see people have used you before and provide an element of proof.

Please see the 2 examples below from the company Giftrocket and YellowPages

Specific Industry landing pages

When building effective landing pages, it is also vitally important you are aware of the type of industry you are building the page for i.e., education or insurance company.  This in order to achieve the right tone for the landing page and be aware of the theme that will continue throughout the website.
To get a good overview of examples and their effective conversion rate results, visit Unbounce https://unbounce.com/landing-page-examples/high-converting-landing-pages/

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Device-specific landing pages

Many companies create separate specific landing pages for use on mobiles and tablets, as mobile users search and browse differently from desktop users. Landing pages need to be customized for each device that your customer may use throughout their journey, this will help to increase handheld device conversion rates.

As you can see, both landing pages are visually appealing and both handle very different visitor needs. The mobile landing page is built to help visitors find information or complete tasks quickly while the desktop landing page is geared more towards visitors with time to spend.
There are also a number of additions such as click to scroll and click to call buttons that can be implemented for mobile users.
This article explains the benefits of adding these options and the plug-ins that can be used. https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-call-button/


The things you need to do to build high converting landing pages are as follows:

  1. Identify the industry and what the user experience needs to be
  2. Create a landing page using the must-have guide listed above
  3. Create device-specific landing page i.e., for mobile
  4. Investigate plugin relevant to the business model for customer
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