Are you currently trying to DIY your website’s SEO? Or perhaps you hired a suspiciously cheap SEO agency to help out. But it’s been a few months and you notice that your leads, traffic and sales haven’t hiked. Now you’re probably wondering, “Why is my SEO not working?”.

This leads to more questions such as, “how long does SEO actually take?”, “Should I be doing SEO on my own?”, or “have I hired the wrong SEO agency?”. This may leave you thinking that SEO doesn’t work for your business, but we’ll stop you right there.

As a data-driven SEO agency near London, we know the ins and outs of SEO and how it can work wonders for every business out there. So, we’ve put together this blog to highlight how Google ranks websites and where you may be going wrong with you SEO strategy.

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How Does Google Go About Ranking Websites?

The elements that go into Google Search’s operation, how Google indexes and ranks websites, and the considerations the Googlebot Persona considers when deciding whether websites should be given lower rankings or eliminated entirely from its search results are all listed here.

At the highest level, the reason most websites don’t rank is typically because they aren’t as authoritative, trustworthy, or relevant as other websites focusing on the same themes.

Noting that none of these elements exist in a vacuum, it is likely that your website is affected by a combination of these issues. Examine this list of potential causes for why your SEO may be failing before taking any drastic actions or employing any dangerous and desperate SEO techniques.

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1.Your Website’s Design

Does your website impress visitors and look amazing across all platforms?  Check the following items:

  • Was a plan laid out for the creation of your website?
  • Was a plan for the information architecture of the website developed and carried out?
  • Was a content plan developed, and the fundamentals of on-site SEO optimization were finished?
  • Was a transition strategy developed and carried out?

2. Loading Speed

What impact does site speed have on SEO rankings? Site speed affects rankings, however that it has less of an impact than other important factors like valuable content, relevancy, authority links, etc.

Site speed is significant in today’s climate, though, as users increasingly access websites and engage with them via mobile devices. SEO ranking factors that consider speed are increasing.

What impact does site speed have on conversion rates? 47% of your target audience, according to research, wants your website to load in under two seconds. So when your website is slow to load, it increases your bounce rate (i.e. the number of people clicking away from your website) and affects your sales.

3. Content Gaps

We frequently have conversations with clients that wish to get traffic from Google for particular keywords and subjects. When we perform a simple gap analysis on their website, we discover that they almost no content for most of the keywords they wish to target.

Remember, if you lack content, you cannot rank for keywords and topics unless you have information that convinces Google that you should.

4. Bad Content

One of the top 3 reasons your SEO is because of bad content. In order to recognise high-value material and rank it in their organic search results, Google is increasingly using machine learning in both their Panda and main algorithms.

Don’t expect to rank if you paid someone to write generic 500-word articles for your website. Be prepared to instead invest money on articles, videos, and infographics that provide great value.

Finding underperforming content and developing a plan to remedy it, often known as an ROT analysis, is one of the ways we help our clients.

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5. Unoptimised Content

The easiest issue to address is content strategy because it deals with the very fundamentals of SEO. A few things to look out for are:

– Does the title tag contain the target keyword?
– Does the H1 tag include the desired keyword?
– Is the main body of the webpage regularly using the target keyword?
– Does the website’s main content area include the target term in the Alt text of images?
– Are there H2 tags (subtopics of the H1 tag) in the text that contain additional related keywords?

6. Overly Optimised Content/Keyword Stuffing

Contrarily, over-optimized material is the opposite of content that is not optimised. Although Google has stated that repeating a term a few times will help, there comes a point where doing so will actually hurt your rankings as well as user experience and readability.

We recommend reading your material aloud to see if it sounds natural to you. If not, you have definitely over-optimized the content to the point where it has lost value. If you find yourself repeating keywords frequently, you may be victim to “keyword suffing”. Try to use just the right amount of keywords so that your content has a more natural flow to it.

7. Lack of Inbound Links

Link building—is it dead? No and yes. Although obtaining high-quality links continues to be a key ranking element in Google’s algorithm, the type of links that can convey ranking value (also known as “link juice”) to your website have changed. Link building is still relevant today, but how you acquire links has changed significantly over time.

Links continue to be a significant factor in Google’s algorithm.

Don’t imagine that you can buy links or do things too quickly to get links right away. Taking part in link farming and other related activities could actually further hurt your SEO.

8. You Chose An SEO Agency Solely Based On Price:

Finally, a very common mistake business owners make is hiring “cheap” SEO agencies that don’t actually have strong SEO strategies. It’s understandable that you’d want to save money, but hiring a cheap agency that produces low-value content could actually ruin your ranking.

When looking for an SEO agency to help you, don’t go based on price alone. Many agencies are quick to offer low prices, but don’t actually give you any value for money. The right agency will be able to meet your budget while also delivering on your goals, doing justice to your brand’s image.

For Example, here at Explosion Digital, we offer many digital marketing packages to match the bespoke needs of our clients.

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There you have it. These were a few of the top reasons your SEO may be taking so long/not working. We advise all business owners to choose who handles their SEO wisely, as it is a long-term strategy that requires commitment and effort. These are two things our team excels at. If you’re looking for a helping hand, look no further. Don’t settle for less when you can have the best with Explosion Digital. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you meet your SEO goals.

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