Did you know that Google is coming up with a brand new update? This update could change search entirely! In fact, Google already has approximately 160 engineers working on “Project Magi”, according to the New York Times.

But what is Project Magi? How will it change the search game? And what does this mean for marketers all over the globe? As one of the best digital marketing and web developments companies in the UK, we’re here to answer these questions for you.

Now, Google hasn’t officially released too much information on this new stepping stone, but we’ll tell you what we know so far. Let’s get into it!

What Is Project Magi?

Project Magi is intended to be a stepping stone for the launch of a new search engine.

In the near future, Google will be replaced by this new search engine, which will completely change the game and search as we know it.

Here are a couple of key features of this new project:

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New Chat-Like Interface

Google aims to enhance the search experience by making it more conversational. The idea is to create a dialogue-like interaction, similar to the one you have with ChatGPT or Alexa, but with a smarter and more adaptive approach.

So, instead of just providing a list of 10 results, Google wants to offer personalized and relevant answers that adapt to each user’s needs and preferences. This represents the next step in search evolution, building upon previous developments like the knowledge graph.

While this conversational search won’t be suitable for all queries, it’s a promising direction for the future. However, the most significant change might be how Google plans to facilitate transactions.

Google Transactions

Google is set to expand its services by handling transactions directly on its platform. This means that instead of having to visit multiple websites to buy products, users will be able to purchase items directly on Google.

For instance, if you’re looking for a specific pair of shoes, Google can leverage its knowledge about your preferences, including size, color, and width, to show you the right options and facilitate the buying process with just one click.

This move could also integrate well with Google Pay, making transactions even more seamless. Overall, Google’s aim is to provide a more streamlined and personalized shopping experience for its users.

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But, What Does This Mean For Marketers?

Now that you’re aware of the two key aspects of Project Magi, let’s move on to the most important thing we need to talk about! How will Project Magi affect YOUR marketing efforts?

Well, while Google is a publicly traded business that needs to generate profits, there will be changes in how ads work in the long run.

Currently, advertisers pay a cost per click and then model the cost per acquisition from a profit and loss perspective.

If it’s profitable, they increase their spend, and if it’s not, they reduce their cost per click.

However, Google is expected to shift to a cost-per-acquisition model eventually, which would simplify the process for marketers and improve the user experience. This means that even if your website is not great, you can still make money from ads placed on Google.

From an SEO perspective, there will always be keywords that drive traffic to your site, but Google is also evolving to provide more direct answers, like showing the weather without the need to visit another site.

While these changes may divert clicks away from some sites, overall, Google has been driving more traffic.

So, the introduction of these new features on Google is expected to boost traffic on the platform, potentially offsetting the loss of clicks to external sites. Additionally, the development of Project Magi will give rise to a new form of SEO, where businesses can optimize their websites to have their products or services featured prominently on Google.

While click-through rates are important, the ultimate goal is to make sales. If your business is making sales through Google’s platform, that’s still a win, regardless of whether users are clicking through to your site.

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So, there you have it. We’re still waiting for Google to officially announce Project Magi and all its features, but one thing’s for certain – this is going to change the digital marketing game, and make it smoother flowing for individual marketers as well as digital marketing and web development companies everywhere.

What do YOU think of this new update? Leave a comment to let us know.

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