About Make someones day

Thank you for visiting, I developed the idea for this this website because I wanted to do some good in the world and give something back. But at the same time spread some love and cheer with other people.

I would like to build a community. So just by doing a gesture for one person and giving that person a card, who can then comment on this website and then pass on a gesture to another person, who then, in turn, they can do the same and so on. If with each gesture a card is given and each person adds a comment we can build it into a massive community that may spread all over the world.

The first card was given out in Peterborough Cambridgeshire, so let’s see how far it can spread. I am giving away free cards so please hit the join us button fill in your details and I will happily send some cards for you to give out when you have passed on a gesture.

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