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    Curious About Our Medical Industry SEO Services? Here’s A Brief Explanation!

    SEO is all about optimizing your website with proper keywords. This will help your website come on top of the search engines results page for relevant keywords. Here are the key elements of SEO:

    Specialized In Ecommerce SEO

    We don’t stop only at bringing visitors to the website, but we thrive to build customer relationships and loyalty. We do this through a proper SEO strategy that ensures higher conversion rates and more customers coming back to your page.

    Advanced Content Marketing

    The success of a website remains largely dependent on accurate onpage optimization. Starting from Meta descriptions to onpage content, your website needs to be optimized with relevant keywords & search terms in order to reach the top.

    Draw More Visitors

    One of the primary functions of SEO is to attract more visitors to the site. In the case of medical industry SEO services, the biggest challenge is to draw the attention of visitors that could potentially turn into clients. Our SEO strategy assures this conversion.

    Conversion Rate Optimization

    SEO strategy varies with the different e-commerce categories. With significant experience in the medical industry when it comes to SEO, we guide our clients to the path of successful sales generation.

    Website Onpage Optimization

    Content marketing is one of the main factors that leads to success when it comes to Medical Industry SEO services. Our copywriters have significant experience in the medical industry and can produce engaging medical content to draw in more visitors and potential clients.

    Boost Sales

    Once you get a good number of visitors on your website, the next target for our medical SEO strategy will be to turn these visitors into customers.

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    Case Study: Bucks Foot Clinic

    The Client

    Bucks Foot Clinic is a leading Podiatrist website that helps with foot care from Podiatrists and Chiropodists in the United Kingdom in areas such as Amersham, Beaconsfield , Chesham & Little Chalfont.

    The Goal

    Bucks Foot Clinic’s main requirements from the SEO project were improving ranking and increasing traffic to the website.

    The Solution

    Our SEO team used tactics to increase “organic” traffic through back-end code optimizations, content planning and strategic keyword research/usage on their website to organically improve rankings on search engine results pages. This inevitably brought more traffic to the website as well.

    The Result

    Over a period of 1.9 years of continuous on-page and off-page SEO activities (from January 2020 to September 2021), we saw huge improvements in traffic and ranking of the website.

    Organic traffic


    Over 4 years

    Overall Growth


    Over 4 years

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