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Email Marketing

While not the sexiest of marketing tactics, Email Marketing is still one of the most effective ways of generating leads. Our sophisticated marketing methods focuses on building a targeted database with engaging content and a good level of personalisation making interested customers want to interact with you.

Content Syndication

Through our selected partners we publish your downloadable content onto Newsletters and websites. We make the most of your content,– ensuring that it is seen and read by the most relevant audiences. In turn, a reader’s interest can be deemed a “warm lead” used by a sales team, to generate more business.

Not only will your client be successively promoting their name and brand to relevant, engaged audiences, but they will also attain good quality, sector appropriate leads for their sales team.

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How We Deliver Results

Engage your prospects with great content. We provide the database and channels that allow you to market direct to your target audiences, all on a pay per lead basis.

How it works



Through our content digital platforms, we would publish your whitepaper through email bulletins or send a basic html email template to a selected target audience.


To download your whitepapers, businesses would need to answer up to 3 questions which act as your qualification criteria. You would pay per whitepaper download. Or for basic email templates with no downloadable content you would pay per lead for each positive email response that corresponded in a follow up call.


Additional Solution – Telephone Verified. Any leads which meet your qualifying criteria we would telephone to;

  • Double confirm the information they filled out is correct
  • Introduce your company
  • Confirm they are happy to receive a follow up call from you

What we would need from you

  • Whitepaper or blog which can be converted into downloadable content


  • Email Template

Basic terms

  • Price for a Basic Email template Lead is £20-£45 per lead
  • Price for a Downloaded Content Lead is £25-£80 per lead
  • Price for a Tele-verified Lead is £80-£150 per lead
  • Payment on Delivery
  • Min Order 20
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