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We are one of the only SEO agencies in the UK which work on a performance model. Guaranteed to at least give you a return on investment or 100% money back on your yearly spend. Too often businesses are left frustrated and out of pocket because SEO agencies are not focused on revenue but rankings. Companies like yours may see rankings, but that often doesn’t translate into the sales you expect.

SEO Service benefits

Your account managers will always be the UK business owners, so you will be speaking to people who understand your priorities and what it takes to be successful. Our performance model focuses our attention, to ensure we implement the best SEO strategies to reach the agreed revenue goals.

Service Features Include:
  • Full SEO Audit
  • Technical SEO
  • On page optimistation
  • Off page optimisation
  • Reporting

We’d be happy to provide a free audit and discuss your SEO and business objectives so we can work out a bespoke ROI for you.

Guarantee conditions

  • We will not work with a client who’s website, we deem, isn’t optimised for conversions/sales.
  • The customer must agree to all SEO improvement suggestions made by us.
  • The customer must actively monitor the origin of all sales, in order to confirm ROI from all marketing channels.
  • In the absence of valid monitored data, we will estimate an Income figure from the site traffic at the time the contract starts, of 10% of the traffic level times the lowest product price. At the end of 12 months we will make the same estimation. It is this difference which will be used to gauge your SEO Return on Investment.
  • The guarantee starts from month 2. We need 30 days to get fully setup with implementing your on-site-seo and writing your content.
  • The customer must keep their account in good order, and not be in default/ arrears or have missed payments.
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